Is money essential for the growth of your business?
Won’t it be great to increase the range of advertising and reach out to more people?
Will it not be wonderful to have additional supplies for that wonderful business season ahead?
The collective answer for these regular and hopeful questions is “absolutely, yes”. But, many wonder how all these things are possible when they have exhausted the credit limit and are unable to do anything with their business.

The answer to this is having a Cash Advance

Today’s economy has created a big dent in every business and most of the merchants/businessmen feel the heat. Worry no more! As Beta Cash Express is offering a terrific solution to encounter all the problems of the economy; with a phone call from you, we will process the credit and give advance funds based on the business type and need.
In addition, the loan amount is not fixed and there are no harsh deadlines or time frames to think of. Most of all, an individual need not face the hassles as one would face with a traditional bank. The advance payment made is based on the future sales estimates of the business. We will receive the advance amount on a percentage basis as agreed during the payment. The percentage will be transferred directly to us from credit card sales. The consumer need not worry about payment or time frames.
For a small business, the Merchant Payment Services of Beta Cash Express helps in the most efficient manner. Advance Me is in partnership with us and it makes us allow cash advance as a part of our Cash-On-Demand services. These cash advances can help a business to run without stutters during intermittent slowdowns. There is an option of “Quick-pay advance” that helps the consumer to get cash on demand that can help in smooth maintenance of the business.
A merchant is eligible to get up to 150% cash advance of the average gross monthly revenue through the Cash-On-Demand program of Beta Cash Express. As mentioned earlier, there are no fixed or restricted payments and there are no time frames for repayment. COD program is convenient, effective and flexible for consumers.
Traditional banks rule out 92% of the small business loan applications. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for small businesses to grow and sustain the competition. Our Cash-On-Demand program is the right solution to small businesses. Choose Cash-On-Demand program of our Merchant Payment Services and forget about the tragic fate of rejection encountered with banks. Your small business will grow large with the services of Beta Cash Express.

Advantages of our Cash-On-Demand Services

  • No need for our consumer to apply for business loans with complicated processes.
  • No need for consumers to let luck play a part while waiting for the credit check to get approved.
  • No need to change credit card providers.
  • No need to change the terminal equipment operation.

As there are no fixed cash limits and fixed repayment time frames, a consumer can have the money to grow a business without any hassles. Beta Cash Express already helped thousands of business enthusiasts and watched them grow into formidable companies. We are not just a brand known for our exceptional credit card processor services, we have leaped forward and helped businesses to grow & achieve success.
The cash advance approved by Beta Cash Express can be used for launching advertising campaigns, expanding the business, renovating the office, increasing the inventory, introducing new products, paying employees, paying vendors, spending for emergencies, etc. There is no limit or restriction to the number of ways a consumer can use the cash advance.

Cash Advance is not a loan

Beta Cash Express has a relatively smooth of operating and does not involve hassles as found in banks and there are no loan payments. As the cash advance is based on future sales and the percentage is deducted from the credit card sales, a consumer can concentrate on business rather than worrying about clearing the amount.
A consumer can look into the details of the cash advance, the amount deducted, balance to pay, etc. through the exclusive account created on our website.